Five Broken Hearts, One True Love
Tiny five men look for love and beautiful ebony giantess. They gone wrong she step and eat, but she didn't them. Luck she find him and love him. Thanks comments!
The Deaf Giantess: Silver Planet
Everyone, I made 3d animation fantasy movie. The giantess, she is deaf and know ASL. She live in silver planet. She loves little man. They're going to home, but see happen. Thanks all comments

I hope you understand ASL. I done annotation.
The Deaf Giantess 2011
Happy Holidays and New Year! New video coming soon.
I hope people understand American Sign Language.
I made animation planets, sun, star and rocks.

Giantess Cross Road ( Start Play Game )
I made video play game Giantess Cross Road.
dragonesslife006014.jpg dragonesslife006012.gif dragonesslife006011.gif dragonesslife006010.gif dragonesslife006009.gif dragonesslife006008.gif dragonesslife006007.gif dragonesslife006006.gif dragonesslife006005.gif dragonesslife006004.jpg dragonesslife006003.jpg dragonesslife006002.jpg